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Meet Rflksvlvzhyst J. Aminian

2Amanian3Reflexology PhD holder of the World Medical Association Eastern WSSPS (Affiliated to the United Nations)

code: MDA / IRAN-1354'VIV08
Rflksv therapist J. Aminian

Rflksv therapist J. AminianRflksvtrapyst J. Aminian

Rflksvtrapyst J. Aminian

Rflksvlvzhyst J. Aminian After spending Higher education than learning a string of legal rights Rflksv Russian Ruthie necessary therapy and finally succeeded in obtaining a PhD from the UN World Medical Association WSSPS Seminar rflḵsw logistics shd.

His family, cultural and researcher in the field of medicine was born and his father, the late Ali Akbar Aminian global drug discovery seeker (درمان در یک شب) در قالب پماد و قطره می باشد.

رفلکسولوژیست جواد امینیان از نوجوانی در کنار پدر شاهد انواع درمان های متعدد بوده و دستیار پدر در امر ساخت انواع دارو مشغول فعالیت بوده است؛ لذا می توان گفت اطلاعات گیاه درمانی وی اصیل و به شکل انتقال از نسلی به نسلی دیگر است.

The late father of many drugs has remained the addition of new medicines made a revolution in the vast ۲۰۰ Pen allocated to the administrative procedures for obtaining permits in hand and experience the history of medicine over ۸۰ Year arrives.

سوابق علمی

He was among the invitees Association of medicinal herbs in conferences and member of the scientific community medicine, member of the scientific community Massage in the whole country, a member of the Association of Sports Medicine, a member of the Research Institute cupping Iran, holder of numerous scientific papers and one of the speakers of the conference, especially in About MS is. also More than thirty years of research in herbal medicine and consult with clients engaged in treatment.

J. Aminian string Rflksvtrapy “روتی”- ریشه ای را تحت نظر استاد مجرب و شهیر روسی (استاپینو ویچ) فرا گرفته و دارای گواهینامه ی بالینی در امر تحریک گره های عصبی می باشد.

Successful treatment More than 64 800 Patient

After the completion of the course so far ۶۴۸۰۰ Treatment of the patient's foot and a record of achievement that is dedicated to.

Including the treatment of multiple sclerosis treatment is surprising that he heaps of videos available on the site testifies to the truth.


  1. Hello Mr. J. Aminian I'm going to email you Bymarymv status prior to admission to Mashhad to tell you if you allow me the opportunity to talk on the phone or e-mail to send medical records and history, give thanks to Mary Ltftvn fixed

  2. Hello Mr. doctor
    In April I went to profuse sweating palms and soles
    You are much better thanks to God and the effects of drugs and I sweat very little, but still quite cut the number of days what to do to fully heal?

  3. سلام من ساکن شیرازم آیا شما جایی در شیراز رو میتونید به من معرفی کنید برای بی اختیاری ناشی از عمل جراحی به اونجا مراجعه کنم آیا اگر به مشهد بیام صد درصد مشکلم حل میشه من برای شما ایمیل فرستادم اما جوابی دریافت نکردم . Thank you once put

    • The center does not have a branch in Iran, I hope when you see you be successful in the treatment /

    • Greetings covering not serve Dktramynyan
      Mr. Dktrmn am still so far away Shmaaztryq said looking at the floor Pabymary Rvmtvjh Myshydag·h was taken Azkf Paksy Vbratvn shop is always Mytvnydtshkhys Bdydbymary?

      • Hello technical picture is clear if the foot is not completely full foot .rvy fingers and into the hands Lather Bdh.kf the language .kl .svrt clearly yes all present and future pain, yet 3% of patients were able to tell you. Photos Just send a photo if magnified when the field is clear, visual way to distinguish Kafyh.drst Shnydyd.ayntshkhys patient's reflex is /.

  4. Hello Mr. doctor Aminian
    How can I turn my appointments I am not living in Mashhad
    I will be grateful if you answer your phone.

  5. With Greetings
    I am a 17 year old that recently you've come to jaundice had Khdarvshkr good liver failed and yellow. But unfortunately all acute blood cancer leukemia, or ALL suffered for Ast.yadrmany I know? Please Rahnmayym.
    Thanks to A. Masoudi

    • Hi Yes, Mr. Masoudi Simply Bltf God is my medicine for your condition with the only Creator influence me and you.
      If Mshhdyd come without delay bring to the medication you would know my posts.
      Do not do anything, including chemotherapy.
      Cinnamon tea drink three glasses a day is currently under Badstvr to meet you..
      4 cinnamon sticks moving index finger and 3 cups water to boil 3 minutes, then a half cup of cold water and pour Bjvshanydv wait until boiling occurs
      Aynkarra Repeat 5 times
      Oman scratch suck a lemon to boil Baan clear after the three promises Drink
      Know your blood is drink alternative
      Bring me a response that can come forward or not

  6. Hi covering Nbashbyd.
    The doctor I am a 23 year old girl who left last year Drshhryvr months blurred sight within a week I was diagnosed with MS and was treated for nearly a year thanks to God that this attack was no longer curable Do and helps you to remove existing plaques.? The questions please do let me send a message from Qom and tips you need for treatment Chndjls·h .

    • Hi Yes she can be treated and you get immediate treatment.

      Two meetings've come 20 minutes if you need Bdrman
      Come forward petty Shmahstm

  7. Greetings girl 3 years old and I quarter with mild autism aching and screaming and lack of sleep, is the greatest problem with drug abuse problems solved? My other question : Is cannabis oil in the treatment of autism affects'm grateful you've guidance

  8. Hello Dear doctor
    I am a 27 year old girl. More than a year with intense itching skin rash with pus painful in the palm of my head and my hair loss has been strongly. Nrmalm life is so disrupted. I went to many doctors and antibiotics until I fix the problem, but after cessation of antibiotic treatment begins again.
    I am a resident of Mashhad's advise if possible

  9. With Slam.frznd a year and a half we have two months to eleven months of life the infant was having seizures due to late diagnosis, doctors and repeated seizure of all his mental and motor skills lost while before of seizures is quite normal and I was a 7 month old and we were brain MRI is normal and not a problem, but unfortunately not for good performance Nyst.alan with drug seizures were controlled, but lost the ability to still get Ast.alan not focus attention and eye contact and hearing problem is, no one even parents do not know and still can not physically Bnshynd.my no hope for him that we wanted to refer your service unique? waiting for your response.

  10. greetings . I'm sick nearly a year, I can not talk to a patient with .avayl by putting fingers in the mouth talked and then I could talk with chewing gum and over time my tongue inside my mouth to the right Zdnm spun and was prevented from talking to one doctor I did not get the result and the last doctor visit because it's got my tongue relaxes the blood vessels and diabetes are about 150. In my disease. If you can help Address . Thanks

  11. Hello Mr. Aminian wondering help to treat hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis was the procedure? And if yes how long it takes to influence me himself Nshvt
    Thank you, if you'll call me

    • Not only through the Cirrus liver reflexes are also herbal remedies to help solve this problem will.
      You will definitely result Mygyryd.hdaql time required for recovery is 30 days..
      People took advantage of this approach.

  12. I am a 30-year-old Shiraz Azbchgy difficult Slam.dkhtry dystrophy Gardalan Limbé stuff, you can cure with the grace of God to do me? Bnzrtvn Tachndjls·h Vbshynm I can get up? Thanks, I saw the answer

    • Hey, Mrs. Shirazi, I did not see you. But the main cause of childhood muscular dystrophy or muscle weakness you have an infection your body you .gvsh a throat infection, tonsillitis and sinus infections with you and prejudice still flowing as they did not grow muscles
      First, therefore, we must cut Hara infection
      This process takes time to cleanse the body after 40 days .
      After we train you at home how his legs are strong stimulation to muscles .
      If you have a commitment to practice and continue treatment after 2 months will see the progress of your body
      But the result depends on the amount of muscle damage
      But the last word
      You come along is a way to get a result
      However, the technique is my reflexes are not the therapist that other methods claimed by some people

  13. I am 18 years old, tall 159.mytvnm my height?'m Grateful response manager.

  14. His name Almighty
    With Greetings
    I am due to multiple sclerosis has difficulty walking. Whether it is treatable and helps you to remove existing plaques.? The questions please do let me send a message from Qazvin and guidance that is needed for treatment Chndjls·h? And distance therapy sessions a few days? I'll be good, God willing
    Since the diagnosis 10 years ago and has had to but I do not use drugs, traditional medicine and problems walking about three years.

    • Yes you should be treated similar cases treated hopefully can see from the site at least two to three days in Mashhad just yourself but home sewage treatment continued with methods that we recommend will continue

  15. His name Almighty
    With Greetings
    I am due to multiple sclerosis has difficulty walking. Whether it is treatable and helps you to remove existing plaques.? The questions please do let me send a message from Qazvin and guidance that is needed for treatment Chndjls·h? And distance therapy sessions a few days? I'll be good, God willing
    Since the diagnosis 10 years ago and has had to but I do not use drugs, traditional medicine and problems walking about three years

  16. Hello width literature your service

    I am 17 years old, good food, but I'm not fat. Weight 56 ​​kg. I was too tall to fit most Andamm Please advise

    • What is your foot should be checked out because of weight loss or pictures of feet on foot. Or visit the palms on the face and tongue diagnosis of drug-mail to be sent later

  17. We're Hi covering Nbashydmn daughter Rablt incontinence twenty days before the session gave thanks to God Vhmt you 70 to 80 Drsdbhbvdyaft Vazqblsh much much better than this to Azfhm over you in understanding disease, I know that girl I after 6 years Hdazdrman reached Batshkrazzhmat you wanted because of the severe pain Dfsh to ask you before I said at the third meeting of the infection, but can not prescribe medication, I am waiting for your response Thank you very much Mhmdakbry Pdrfatmh Z.

    • You do if you have been gracious to me by me and versatile God.
      But if the pain when passing rid the body of infection during and after treatment of the anal sphincter and not worry Nshh.mytvan said the foot is certain treatment
      If pain persists, see

  18. We're are not hi-covering service doctor
    I am a man, 37 years old, I have toe pain issues of Bdaazmrajh the doctor found his health Artrvzdadh Do not answer me, I thank you?.

  19. سلام
    A woman I am 29 years, the pain in the area under Nafm like after pill to doctors of getting the test Vsvnvgrafy of questions did not dying now with intense burning urine Web urinary incontinence was struck from Khuzestan you a message send off please do Rahnmayym any treatment before you I have

  20. با سلام اینجانب برادرم ۳۱ سال سن داره و مدت ۵ ساله به علت مشکل کلیه دیالیز میشه و اکنون کمر درد شدید داره و طهالش هم بزرگ شده و هپاتیت سی هم از دیالیز گرفته و دکتر ها میگن چون هپاتیت داره نمیشه طهالش رو عمل کنیم و اکنون severe pain is there any way? Thanks Alireza of Tehran

  21. Hi How long the three areas of hair loss, and I had the beard to Anaz·h a coin was larger if treatment is
    I have a kidney stone crusher operation once did tul

  22. Hey, some days that my little finger to the wrist near falls asleep Are there health of pins and needles out.
    It is time to have a lot of stress because of course I'm grateful advise

  23. Hi you … بله مراجعه کردم واکنون درد از بدن ایشان رفته است الان مدت ۸ شب است که ما دیگر برای درد به بیمارستان مراجعه نکردیم واقعا من از راه دور بر دستان شما بوسه میزنم و اکنون نیز با تجویز نسخ شما داریم ادامه درمان انجام میدهیم واقعا باید به شما Gold claws May Allah Agha said in neighboring Imam Reza (AS) Successful and have raised many thanks Ali Worlds

    • Hello Mr. Universe thanked God that your patient has improved his healing grace of God I am grateful for the goodness of God if I have a good night of disease make treatment extremely grateful thanks to you

  24. Hussein individual Fattahi

    My daughter had a brain tumor and any movement that is not going to complete paralysis.. All treatment options such as radiation and chemotherapy and nano therapy and energy healing follow, but we did not answer. Do not brush off work.

  25. سلام . Mr. Aminian, I have a mother aged 62 to cause endometrial cancer ( uterus cancer ) Hospitalization and surgery, and the uterus is completely evacuated and the cause of malignant, chemotherapy is currently being . Do they help recovery can be done . Thanks

    • Before chemotherapy were also treated them to do the same was already damaged only in the mother's body that must be resolved for a long time to try to damage

      • سلام . Given that we live and Tehran are unfavorable due to chemotherapy, my mother, do good to them and bring them to Mashhad or remote assistance can help us see . Thanks

        • Photo Zkf feet on the foot and the back of the mouth and face and tell them to send what had cancer and cancer cause more pain, I need you Bamdn them if you desire, I treated drug Post permission of Allah

  26. The problem I am .dkhtry 22 full Darm.nmytvnm eat hard food to eat, sometimes I finish . But I eat a lot of fruits and food . Is it a problem?

    • Hi if you swallow you swallow hard and give the Mynvnyd should be checked throat. If your problem is you may not have the appetite to stretch the food hidden Bfvnt stomach or elsewhere Mbtlayyd

      • Although I can not eat that little bit more hungry and must eat or drink buttermilk and yogurt is otherwise down my throat Nmyrh.fqz problem eating there .. I eat food or fruit.
        This problem is solved? With reference to your problem, my stomach was good?

  27. Greetings

    I am a 16 year old boy with acute leukemia. So far, two rounds of chemotherapy and immune system is weak. What do you recommend?

    • He Bdrman am able to practice medicine Bazin's original
      If you can not Bamdn required to send photos to rest due to illness and possible complications if I told you he is implying the agreement will send you to treat drug
      Photos foot instep behind the tongue and face

  28. Hello Mr. doctor
    I was just wondering how I use oil to prepare your property to have a greater effect

  29. Hello the doctor whether the drug treatment of hemorrhoids Flora Hay who serve you on the wire

  30. Hi son, eight-year-old that the problem of more active and less hearing in each ear at the level of 50 decibels ability to speak Drhdchndyn word dumb is the lack of acceptance of hearing aids because of disabilities, restless behavioral, Dm environmentally and around the medication Rysyprydvn consume from 2 years to realize the problems we improve mental health Bakardrmany wherein the repetition is unusual but very Knd.rftarha
    Azltf Vnayt you the fullest Tshkrdard

  31. Do not bother with hi-serving doctor Aminian
    63-year-old woman. In 89 patients the pain was severe and long-lasting. Over time, the pain spread to the patient's legs after 6 months the patient was confusion and forgetfulness short.
    Over time these disorders and hallucinations have also been. Illusions of ( See the animals creeping and insidious rather than objects while awake – Forget the present and go back 25 or 30 years ago, calling family members with the names of those who 30 years ago lived.
    Has no hands and legs are Hazrbymar! Bladder control is lost! Food can be mixed and injected through the tube to the stomach.! Breathing is done with the hole in the throat and when necessary with the device is done through the holes oxygenase.
    After blood tests. Urine. Spinal fluid. MRI and CT scan of the medical diagnosis of neurological disease called Jacob ( Louis Wind ) Been diagnosed.
    Thanks to frequent're waiting for your information

  32. Hi you Amynyan.bradry the doctor I broke sweat even in winter are very annoyed you please ask you if you treat this regard here to improve Pydaknh always thank Ltftvn

  33. Hi I am a 29 year old female, suffered heavy food I ate clutter herbal bowel bloating been solved, but the severity of the pain on my right shoulder so that the doctor said bile What do you think thank

  34. Hi I am a 32 year old man who suffered from numbness in my right foot and three fingers touch me, do you think the problem of Syatykm is not pleasant state or dissolved with herbal medicines Please check tips

    • مشکل شما مربوط به اسپاسم شانه و گردن است اگر بمن مراجعه کنید ده دقیقه درمان میشوید والا روی یک صفحه از ریگ گراویه و یا نخود خام بایستید بمدت ده دقیقه هر ده ثانیه سرپنجه بایستید و چند ثانیه نفس عمیق کشیده استراحت کنید همزمان یک.مشت ریگ in the 6 seconds hands clutching the continuation of this practice is countable treatment

  35. I'm young, 22 years old
    I had back pain with MRI test detected the doctor 2 to drive on the right way to improve is wondering thanks

  36. همسر بنده دچار تومور سمت راست مغز غیر قابل جراحی می باشد داری ۳۵سال سن هست آیا قابل درمان هست رادیوتراپی و درحال حاضر شیمی درمانی می شود ودچار بی حسی سمت چپ بدن هم شده است

  37. The name of God the Merciful
    Mr. doctor Aminian Slam.bndh of the world's nations and I'm 63 years old Shnydm.pdry you define too much cough was approximately 5 months. After several false diagnosed with lung specialist doctors finally went ahead after Mtdd tests and Brvnvskpy and biopsy of lung adenocarcinoma were found numerous wide-scan(Lung cancer)I wanted to see before chemotherapy or surgery may be done by visiting your Bshvd.ltfa the disease treated tips to meet people Mygzaryd.dr Knyd.mmnvn when the patient did not smoke. And in Tehran

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