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Now with respect to the mass of clients turn is possible only by calling the following telephone numbers;


  1. Hi, my uncle gave him a few years away ms Darh.mykhvam Kazy know? Email me if you was to take action

  2. Hi I have a pain in lumbar surgery and became incontinent Do you have a solution, thank you

  3. Is my child's autism is treatable through you?

  4. Cool article, I want to take this opportunity and pushing the first project, https://vk.com/flokirovanie_na_zakaz_kharkov I will be glad to visit the group

  5. Hi possibility is the cost of treatment and number of treatments you tell me what I am calling because someone does not answer Thank Ltftvn

  6. سلام من ساکن شیرازم آیا شما جایی در شیراز رو میتونید به من معرفی کنید برای بی اختیاری ناشی از عمل جراحی به اونجا مراجعه کنم آیا اگر به مشهد بیام صد درصد مشکلم حل میشه من برای شما ایمیل فرستادم اما جوابی دریافت نکردم . Thank you once put

  7. سلام. And underarms sweating palms and feet completely after treatment? If yes, with several meeting?

  8. I'm 23 years old and acne scars on my face, she left high weld . Several times I went to the doctor, but when drugs do not boil and immediately after stopping the drug would like to get . Are you looking for acne and acne scars also have medicinal?

  9. Hi I am 21, healthy and 9 years of hair loss coins had at the age of 17. Abrvhamv eyelashes Hamm poured Drbdnm no hair is Hrjarftm say because Astrs·h last summer after the Drsam over all hair eyebrows came out, but that Drsam started out and now on Nothing, not a hair on my head a few days with me one of Famyla Pyshtvn Please help me just like I was the boy who saw the photo and when asked said that Astrs·h property and should be ignored and Stress Relief Treatment Oil catch but a way of saying I want to know for Astrsm and treatment Msrfshv I Chykarknm I am from Zabol in Sistan and Baluchestan So how should I turn if I want to come'm grateful Jvabv to send e-mail

    • Greetings and Regards,
      How to use oil property;
      Or evening Apply to the hair roots, wash morning or vice versa.
      Massage is not necessary, just skin smeared oil.
      For nerves;
      To drop for you, and we need to see in person. If you do not have time to bother drop.
      Notably, during the Ramadan Foundation, every day except Friday after breaking open.
      PLEASE NOTE: Stress is something that does not have said medication is enough to get started and is subject to Nmybashd.ama medicine for nerves to send subsequently drug.

      • Hello, the illness was related to stress? I do not have hair, eyebrows and eyelashes Rvsrm and I can not have this oil to Abrvhm. Famylmvn that I ask is because oil is said to be good stress is not good not to have to get together Stress Relief Treatment Oil Bznh.yny However, I'm good oil

        • Do existing infection in your body you must fend Ghvn
          Jujube decoction of hyssop flowers amaranth Tuesday breast-General Mohammadi
          Old Thyme equal enough
          Drink three glasses a day.

  10. Hello and thanks for the questions patiently saw.
    1) Is hair loss for men with hormonal background( AGA) The definitive treatment like?
    2) Short stature, how? 25 years old
    3) I have oily skin with enlarged pores, age 13 boiling increased, in Spanish there?
    Amir Almvnyn be your refuge.

    • Your illness is a source of stress
      But King could cure Barvghn
      Meanwhile Asabtvnv treatment plant can treat Badarvy.
      Answer 2 Maqabl drug cure your hair problem
      Chrbtan skin can also cure
      Therefore you are not satisfied questions 2.2 to height as the full development of the field in 25 years

  11. سلام. Do varicocele – Grade 3 – With this method is it treated? If so, how and in what form? Is this therapy is a complementary method along with other procedures or treatments is independently? Finally, the Vdpzyry varicocele is in this way and over what time period for the definitive treatment?

    • Varicocele Bafshar nervous nodes of the foot treatment.
      Primary stimulate me to continue treatment at home with you if you do not return soon, but if you are inconclusive languishing at least 2 months to fix the trouble Bgshyd

  12. Hello the doctor, the patient was treated Dbstrvfy I'm Dkhtrsy Limbé Gyrdl diabetes problem is the balance I Vnshstn Vbrkhastn hurts me, what's Bnzrtvn for this type of the diseases / Vdstay Shfabkhshh God willing you are, thanks to Mary Azshyraz

  13. سلام
    I have rheumatoid arthritis disease. 26 years old. And 15 years that the cure but the recovery is not the only medications that housing. Is it a cure?

  14. Hello and courteous service and his beloved teacher.
    Nsadf my wife in a fractured right thigh and unfortunately due to the carelessness of doctors and operating rooms are not sterile osteomyelitis She disease and 13 were debrided. Well now, thanks to God, but the attention to surgery and bone injuries that were not good, he is now 88 years right knee.
    خواستم بدونم با توجه تجارب و تخصص حضرتعالی امیدی برای بهبودی ایشان هست یا خیر؟

  15. greetings
    عموی من ۱۰ سال دیالیز درمانی است بنظر شما دارویی برای رفع دیالیز وجود دارد یا خیر باتشکر

    • سلام دارویی داریم بنام فرار از دیالیز ویژه کسانی که قراره دیالیز بشن هرکس مصرف کرده از دیالیز واقعا فرار کرده .حالا همین دارو را دیالیزیها هم اگر مصرف کنند نتیجه دارد اما طولانی تره توکل بر خدا کرده مصرف کنید

  16. سلام
    My uncle diabetes caused his kidneys failed and dialysis was a year that was. She also suffers from hepatitis type B are also. Is there a treatment you treat them?


  17. Greetings
    I am 48 years old and 2 years old. At age 38, I began Aztfal palsy could not reject the sham of the atmosphere and the streets and in the 45 years I was walking stick . I could not walk and was wheelchair from June 94. I can walk again without a cane for my health? I have kidney problems

    • But hopefully I should be treated like an old pain therapy, however long it is possible to see a meeting to be advised to continue treatment as I Recommend

  18. سلام . Mr. J. Aminian, 62 years old, I have a mother because of cancers
    Endometrial ( uterus cancer ) General surgery and the uterus was removed and
    Because of malignant, is currently undergoing chemotherapy . Is there a way to help and
    He is healing?

  19. Serving Master Baslam Aminian
    My father almost two years, doctors diagnose Alzheimer's and of course the age
    He is 63 years old and it was already retired when they came to work
    But in their case, recovery did not come Jnddktrmrajh But when we heard of you
    It may be Faraji
    Professor Zyzagr disease Alzaymrdr is your work area with a wish us happy Thank you very much

  20. Hi Mr. doctor Aminian I am thirty years old girl from you, lie Shiraz
    Please explain in Mvrdh disease if treatment is me or not? Azbchgy with
    Gardalan Limbé I do not walk the stairs can I balance my movement disorder Summary
    Doctors say treatment in the world's undiscovered by science that you like, you can
    Tvanayymv achieved or still inconclusive get there?

    • Hi hundred percent curable iodine those that answer is the understanding and knowledge just are not all alike to work in a wheelchair are drawn immediately to me to see you like the rest of the activities of daily living will continue worse than you were treated site to see Tvklt God, I by I am a very compassionate God is certain not doubt your healing.

  21. With Greetings
    I am a 17-year-old recently had jaundice have come to you
    Khdarvshkr drop method that you've Tjvyzkrdh good liver failed and yellow all
    But unfortunately acute blood cancer or suffered ALL I Ast.yadrmany
    For leukemia, you know? Please Rahnmayym.
    Thanks to A. Masoudi

    • Mr. enemy Shia visit immediately after Baden's 15-day cancer treatment will just be moved, destroyed .bdn not like you have a large number of documents you show .
      Instant glam boys see me now, thanks to the name of 15 days and you earn your health.

  22. With greetings and service do not bother you, Mr. doctor Aminian.
    I have a few days and I'm pretty sure you look out that Varyksvl disease but only
    I have not noticed any pain or side effects left testicle
    17 years old and do you see the Internet's most definitive treatment is surgery
    But in my opinion should be Mykhastm The ultimate way to know whether the action was no improvement
    Where he was if you can treat this disease?
    And if that's how I can help my business and I need to visit
    Not Rahnmayym!
    ممنون که وقتتان رو در اختیارم قرار دادید.

    • I Baros varicocele between one and three 10-minute sessions, if not surgical cure Mshhdyd three in the afternoon every day, go away please attend if Shhrstanyd be synchronized to worry

  23. Dear Mr. Aminian
    Salaam, My name is Sima and I live in U.S.A. My sister and my mother are your
    patients site Safaie and Fatemeh Ekhtiari. My son Amir-Ali has sever anxiety and
    depression. I sent his foot ‘s picture to my sister’s phone and you saw that picture
    and told my sister he has Soda. I want to talk to you about my son. Can I call you?
    Thank you Sima

  24. سلام. I am 27 years old and my ears whistle that will take nearly 12 years to permanently cut
    Is not. They say you can only hear each went to the doctor and can not be cured. you can

  25. Hello doctor, I'm one of Bymarantvn Hstm.hdvd three weeks ago Pyshtvn to waist
    And you told me that the pain of ear infections, sinusitis and my head, and version 10, 9, 1, 4 gave the
    But I did Khakshyr.hmh with the use of the proceeds of any recovery Nshd.hnvz my back pain
    Especially when the couch was Khvab.bh Myshnm and when do you do?

    • If evacuation of the bowels Taro three times the pain is not
      If your urine is low discharge drain the infection and pain will remain
      So first active intestinal juices and just in case you eat up the remaining infection in the blood is drained
      Notify me of result
      Meanwhile certainly have ear and sinus clearing.

  26. Baslam you're stuttering treatment?

  27. Baslam four years I got married and had three Bardarnmyshm .shvhrm lack of sperm motility
    But I failed ivf What a way to offer me your husband's sperm count
    15 Amamvfvlvzhy zero.

  28. Baslam service saw the doctor, thank you patiently answer
    من از خوزستانم ۲۳ سالمه این سه ساله که ریزش مو دارم در زمینه هورمونی و بیشتر در زمینه اضطراب .بطوریکه الان وسط سر مشخصه وخیلی کم مو داره بنظرتون جکار باید بکنم میشه یه دارویی برام معرفی کنین که ریزش نکنه اخه من دور هستم و خیلی سخته I can thank you in person, I put the question because he was frustrated when my mouth was very dry even though I'm 23 years old thanks to the doctor

  29. Wednesday, Persian date Azar 25 Sogol authorities have called 94 times, but I do not have an address.. Please send me the office's address

  30. سلام . I have a two year old daughter who ITP disease or have had blood platelet decrease . Five months to the ill and under medical supervision specialty home . I got pregnant and now my fruit very hard, very fruit . Since the great poison fruit is anybody's guess because regular platelet decrease the problem is yours . Although I was very healthy feeding his family .. I take out the toxins from the body for a year . Do you think that this problem right? What TONICS or snacks outside of the pesticide active? Is this treatment for my daughter replies to this age?

    • خانم محترم دختر شما به یک عفونت مخفی گرفتار است باید مراجعه کنید تا تشخیص نوع عفونت داده شود اگر در مشهد نیستید عکس کامل و شفاف از کف پا، پشت پا ، پشت دست ، صورت و زبان را به ایمیل زیر ارسال کنید.

      And to answer the following questions should be sent to drug.
      1 sour stomach. Do you?
      2 Does your chest after a meal is pressure?
      3 Does bloating and abdominal Qraqr you?
      4 Does throat secretion after .ryzsh you feel it?
      5 A few Mbtlayyd discharge time of loss?
      6. Do you have itching ears several times a day or week?
      7. Do you dizzy a few times Yamah .drrvz week?
      8. Does your hearing is impaired?
      9. Does your knee pain and weakness calf minister?
      10 Does hair loss Srdaryd few time?
      11 Does diabetes and thyroid have some time?
      12 Does the intestinal colitis and other digestive been affected?
      13. Do you have a liver disorder?
      14 Does your body sometimes, and hot flashes?
      15 .ayasbh fatigue wake up?
      16 Does the articulated joints pain?

  31. Greetings:
    Approximately seventy five years ago stomach problem nervous I got, but Together with syrup am js was controlled until last spring intestinal bleeding, I Vazvnja that Klvnsvkpy tests began to show that this was a meter of intestine I suffered a wound from April treated'm drugs اویل استفاده میکردم مقدارشون خیلی زیاد بود اما به محض قطع خونریزی تعداد قرص ها کم شد ام همشونو استفاده میکنم حدود چهل تا محلول آساکول بود که وقتی خونریزی قطع شد حذف شد ولی قرص ها فقط مقدارشون کم شد قرصای اصلیم ( Nyzvlvn jumps and mesalamine plus Zaram, Pntvmyd, Metro Myndazvl acid sulfate ) In all this time consuming raw fruits and vegetables and spices spicy bean and milk removed.
    Unfortunately distance calling may not need to use the drug if it'm grateful for help.

  32. سلام . Do not bother your service
    I am 38 years old this year several times with neck spasms and back pain, I get the doctors that I say spasms Azlany already Metocarbamol'd been nice. Now I do not answer already 3 days that my neck severely hurts and Ghabl tolerance I ask to give me a quick turn service do not sleep at night I really thank you very much Ali

  33. Greetings :
    My mother is about 4 years ago at the age of 45 was diagnosed with a brain tumor surgery and postoperative stroke was. Unfortunately, stroke and speech center is about 4 years but not able to speak a few words. Walk but can not move the right arm from the elbow down.
    During the 4 years of regular speech therapists and physiotherapists in touch, but progress is too slow.
    Is it treatable or progress?

  34. Hi, I am 32 years old and three years got married nearly a year for pregnancy, I, of course, the doctor also went after examinations of it was found that the hormone FSB HTML Me Up hormones and anti-millionaire too low as a result of ovarian reserve me due to my age down and the doctors say I have to approach menopause I therefore have much time, but once the UE did not work but my wife both sperm motility very weak, you care for me like I see how I can thank you

    • According aged youth are not you approach menopause, particularly if the herbal remedy recommended me to eat
      The male and female fertility drug strengthening existing worries.

      • با سلام و تشکر فراوان از توجه شما اقای دکتر من چه دارویی گیاهی رو باید استفاده کنم و همسرم چه دارویی را باید استفاده کند ایا شما دارو را میفرستید ؟ چه اقدامی باید انجام دهم که دارویی شما به دستم برسد ؟ با تشکر

  35. Baslam width literature : من زنی ۴۲ ساله هستم من بی اختیاری مدفوع و ادرار دارم که همراه با ناراحتی هست بی اختیاری ادرار زود زود دارم و شکم درد شدیدهمراه با ناراحتی است و مثانه ام سوزش دارد بی اختیاری مدفوع گاه همراه با ادرار است گاه تنها و نمیتوانم خودم را کنترل بکنم و باید زودتر به دستشویی بروم و کمر درد در اطراف کلیه هام دارم و بواسیر هم دارم که کمی از مقعد بیرون آمده و شکم دردم زیاد هست و وسواس هستم در دستشویی به مدت زیادی میمونم و یک فرزند ۲۰ ساله دارم و به دکترهای زیادی رفته ام عکس ام آر ای آزمایش سنگرافی کلونوسکپی همه چیز داده ام ولی نتیجه نداده اند همشون سالم نشون داده است جناب آقای دکتر عزیزوبزرگوار من میخواهم به زودی درمان بشوم لطفا جوابی بدهید منتظرم از استان آذربایجان غربی شهرستان میاندوآب ۰۹۱۴۳۸۱۵۴۲۴- ۰۹۱۴۴۸۵۴۶۰۰

    • گر درسایت دقت کنید بیمار ۲۵ سال بی اختیار مدفوع داشته ام که درمان شده.
      باذن الله باذن رسول الله و باذن مولانا علی علیهم السلام شما درکوتاه مدت درمان میشوید نگران نباشید.باید مراجعه فرمایید تادر کنار این بیماری بقیه موارد شمارا درمان کنم .خیالتان آسوده باشد

  36. نفیسه عبدالعلی زاده

    با سلام وخسته نباشید
    آیا دیابت نوع یک درمان قطعی دارد؟
    سن بیمار: ۱۶ ساله

    • دارویی که توصیه میکنیم برای دیابت کلا مفید است ادامه استفاده از آن فردرا نجات میدهد ودر بعضی موارد پانکراس را احیا میکند بستگی دارد که صدمه به پانکراس چه میزان باشد

  37. greetings
    من مبتلا به بیماری رزاسه پوستی هستم که تمامی صورتم رو درگیر کرده ولی برای این بیماری درمانی وجود ندارد
    صورتم کاملا قرمز هست و این آزاردهنده هست
    علایم این بیماری حرارت و گرگرفتگی صورت هست درحالی که کل بدن دمای عادی داره
    به متخصص طب سنتی مراجعه کردم پیشنهاد دادند به متخصص رفلکسوتراپی مراجعه کنم
    به نظر شما از طریق رفلکسوتراپی این بیماری قابل درمان هست؟ و پوست صورتم به حالت عادی برمیگرده؟

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