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This page is designed to stimulate nodes plantar nerve

The main designer is professor of Russian Astapynvvych permission to reproduce and distribute them in Iran have.

All contours are calculated based on the terminal screen is plantar nerve.

The raised leg fills the groove.


Those who are by Rflksvtrapyst Aminian nerve stimulation and neural nodes are released after treatment should continue to be treated at home, use this page.

  1. Both feet together (Sixty-heels) To form the shape, depth of two feet of fill /.Stage 1
  2. Your hand on the wall or fence, head to toe stop and count the number 6.
  3. Plantar pressure is on for 6 seconds..
  4. External blade and put my feet up on the screen No. 6 Count.
  5. Bring pressure on the heel and the track No. 6.

The sum of these exercises makes your nerve nodes, remain free and not spasm.

Wow, if you have 10 minutes morning and evening to do a 10 minute workout.

Continue exercise causes pain subsides and the body returns to its original state and resolve any problems.

Screen is made of aluminum.

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وزن 1000 g


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